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frisellasallaroundtheyard's podcast

Aug 5, 2021

Managing Soils for a Bountiful Harvest w/ Just Keay // Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast On this episode of Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast we have Justin Keay speak about managing soils for a bountiful harvest. Justin is a Field Specialist in Horticulture at University of Missouri, St. Louis and St. Charles County Extension. Learn about why it is important to understand your soils and how that can affect your garden, landscape & lawn. What is a soil test & how do you test your soil? What can the results of your soil test help you understand in terms of having a healthy, bountiful garden? Get all of these questions answered in this episode of Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast! . If you would like to know more about soil testing, sign up for Justin’s online ‘Soils 101 for Gardeners & homeowners’’ class - Check and search for Soils 101 for courses and dates. Classes are offered monthly June through October! . Please like & subscribe! Follow us on social media @frisellanursery