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frisellasallaroundtheyard's podcast

Oct 1, 2021

Community Gardens // Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast On this episode of Frisella's All Around the Yard Podcast, Juliana talks with Jackson Hambrick from Gateway Greening about community gardens! Jackson Hambrick is the Community Education Manager at Gateway Greening in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally from Colorado, Jackson came to Missouri to attend college at the University of Missouri-Columbia graduating in 2015 with a B.S. in Food Science and Nutrition, and a minor in Environmental Science with a focus on Soil Science. After college, Jackson traveled throughout New Zealand working on organic farms and vineyards. In 2016, he started at Gateway Greening as part of the AmeriCorps VISTA program and eventually ran the urban farm program.  When the program ended Jackson transitioned into his current role as Community Education Manager. He facilitates the garden development process for new community gardens, including school gardens, oversees garden expansion process and conducts community outreach with potential partners. About Gateway Greening:   Founded in 1984, Gateway Greening is a 501c 3 organization dedicated to supporting urban agriculture in communities and schools throughout the St. Louis region. Supporting over 250+ community, school and youth projects, and urban orchards, at Gateway Greening we believe that by educating and empowering individuals to grow their own food, we can connect people to the land and to each other. In 2017, the organization partnered with the Kansas City-based nonprofit, The Giving Grove to start Gateway Greening’s Urban Orchard program. Now as one of seven nation-wide Giving Grove affiliates, Gateway Greening supports over 40+ urban orchards in the St. Louis area. Gateway Greening is a community of gardeners, farmers, teachers, neighbors, friends, co-workers and volunteers building deeply rooted, resilient urban communities throughout St. Louis. Find out about Gateway Greening's community project by visiting Instagram: gatewaygreeningstl Facebook: Gateway Greening ------------------------------ Please like & subscribe! Follow us on social media: @frisellanursery #gardens #community #communitygardens #gatewaygreening #gardening #gardenlife #gardenclub